Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does The CabApp Operates

Where does Direct Dispatch operate?

Direct Dispatch is a nationwide Software company that currently operates throughout the 52 states in North America

Where Does The CabApp Operates

Safe, Trusted, and Certified Drivers

Direct Dispatch goes the extra mile and makes sure that every carrier earns the DD seal approval

Who is Direct Dispatch?

Direct Dispatch is headquartered in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. Our online business was developed to connect shipping customers that needed to move their automobiles, motorcycles; RV’s and boats with a motor carrier in our Direct Dispatch Network without having to use a broker.

How Does Direct Dispatch Work?

Direct Dispatch is a subscription service. Once you join the Direct Dispatch Network you will be able to access your personal web-based portal. Here, you can input and update your routes, availability and prices as needed. We have hundreds of landing pages retrieving shipping leads and will send you all leads that coincide with your routes and availability.

What are the subscription benefits?

Direct Dispatch was developed to help motor carriers build their business. Our revolutionary web-based platform and low monthly subscription service is a vital tool needed to keep your trucks full.

  • No broker fees mean more money in your pocket
  • A guaranteed number of quote requests (shipping leads) every month
  • Personal online portal allows you to easily connect with Direct Dispatchers and customers.
  • Get instant load alerts and orders dispatched to you
  • Build a full load with one click
  • Personal dispatcher 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Leads & Transport loads are exclusive to you only!

Do I need a cell phone to participate with Direct Dispatch?

No. The option to receive dispatch notifications from Direct Dispatch via email is an option.

Who determines the shipping rates?

Direct Dispatch is giving the control back to the carriers. You determine your route and rates.

How does the customer pay for the shipping service?

Direct Dispatch does not charge the customer a deposit (Broker Free) at any time during or after the shipment is complete. The customer pays you the remaining balance per your agreement terms, in the form of cash, cashier’s check, money order or any U.S bank certified funds

Can other carriers view my online portal?

No, your online portal with routes and pricing is only accessible via password

Is Direct Dispatch registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT)?

No. Direct Dispatch in not registered with the (DOT), because direct dispatch does not act as carriers or a transport brokers.

Does Direct Dispatch Inc. have a Broker Bond?

No. Direct Dispatch does not have a broker bond, because we are a software dispatching company not a broker.